For every woman who lives a stressful life. This effective skincare product makes you smile.,For those want to,To get rid of odor, stickiness or unpleasant feeling from sweat,to be refreshed in a busy day,to be refreshed after a day or before seeing your special one,For more refreshment and relaxation,Remove stickiness from sweat while stretching your tight neck!,1. Remove a wipe from the package. Take deep breath to enjoy the soothing scent. Wipe your neck as tiling your head to the left, right, upward and then downward to stretch.,2. Wipe your neck, armpit or arms. Take deep breath to enjoy the soothing scent.

Experiments and tests have proven that Scented Body Sheet has relaxing effect.,Refreshing degree measured by Uchida Kraepelin Test,[Test Method] Sum 1-digit numbers as changing line every minute for 15 minutes. Have a short break and then sum 1-digit numbers for another 15 minutes. One team uses body wipe in the break while another does not. Compare their results.,Effect01/Increase in work efficiency in the second half,As for who used the body sheet, work efficiency in the second half is higher than the first half.,Effect02/The rate of change in saliva amylase,Using the body sheet decreased stress by 26%.,Not using the body wipe increased stress.,The figures go down when examinees are relaxing.,Supervised by Prof. Sakai from Department of Psychology,Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University



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