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“Create Beauty, Health and Environment”

Yunos has been expanding its global networks with the latest innovation strategies in response to the demands of the times in order to provide products which meet customers' demand. Yunos manufactures not only original brand products, but also OEM products widely used across the world.

“Create Beauty, Health and Environment”

Security and Safety

Ingredients used for our outstanding cosmetic products are carefully selected by its safeness and quality. Those collected from all over the world are processed by experts with unique technologies and know-how in the latest and hygienic manufacturing system.
Yunos complies related laws and regulations and has rapidly introduced Cosmetic GMP, ISO 22716, as adopting high-quality management system for production system which gained world recognition.


Yunos is an OEM company. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturing (or Manufacturer) and an OEM company manufactures products sold in the brand name of a client company. Yunos mostly manufactures sheet cosmetics for cosmetic brands in and out of Japan.

We make the best use of inventiveness to develops unique products to satisfy our customers. Our products made with the latest technologies enjoys high reputations on its "Quality", "Cost" and "Delivery" from domestic and international cosmetic brands.


Yunos brand products are available at your neighboring shops and stores including mass retailer, drug store, pharmacy and variety store.
For further information or any inquiries, please contact us: 0120-851-061
(9:00~17:00 except weekend and holidays)

Yunos foresees changes in the market as pursuing “technology with new value” and provides you safe and secure products which “satisfy your demands”.,1. 4M management and the slogan “Do not accept, Do not make, Do not ship” as targeting “No market claims”,2. To establish quality assurance system which responds to global quality requirements.


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