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About Yunos Factories

About Yunos Factories

Sanyo factory has established in Akaiwa-city where is known for Bizenyaki-pottery and sword making in 1994 to manufacture Facial Sheet Masks and others.
While Seto factory is located in Seto-cho where the highly-appreciated Shimizu-Hakuto peaches are grown. The factory was constructed originally for producing wet wipes including makeup remover sheets in 1999.
The two factories are run by professionals with outstanding technologies which are applied to unique products.



Okayama Eco Center


The Seto factory has been certified by Okayama prefectural government as an ecological business center which actively promotes zero emission projects. As an eco-friendly factory, we keep for addressing waste control and recycling proactively.

Certified on 31 Aug 2009

Okayama Eco Center

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