Is there any harm to use a beauty mask everyday?

Masks in individual packs are designed for special care. You are most recommended to use once or twice a week. However, using a mask everyday is no harm.
Packages that contain more masks are intended for daily use. Use everyday for your daily skincare routine.

How long can masks be used after opening the package?

You are recommended to consume everything within 2 or 3 months after opening while the quality is assured. Store unopened packages in dry and cool place to avoid direct sunlight and thus the quality would be maintained for 3 years.

I got lotion in my eye. Does it harm my eye?

Wash your eye immediately with water or lukewarm water. Ask medical advice if you still have burning sensation after a while. The ingredients are carefully chosen for safeness. However, always be careful to avoid lotion to get into your eye since eye membrane is very sensitive.

Where can I buy them from?

Use the request form. We will search your neighboring shops and give you the locations.
Some of the Yunos products are available through mail order service which is only provided locally in Japan.

I'd rather order through phone or e-mail. Is it possible?

We are very sorry, but our products are not directly sold to private customers. Please buy them from your neighboring shops.

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