Busy? But stay beautiful,ハピ★ハダ Moisture Makeup Removing Sheet,Makeup remover like a gentle lotion produced by skincare brand.

Moisture Makeup Removing Sheet aims at:,ハピ★ハダ 3D balance design leads your skin and mind to happiness,Remove heavy makeup quickly!Remove, Hydrate, Stress free. A makeup removing wipe meets busy women's demands.,3D BALANCE,User-friendly design/Generous amount of serum and its mild formula remove makeup without damaging skin.,Concentrated hydration formula/Keep the moisture while focusing on skin repairing,One-step,time saving design/No need to rinse off.Smooth removal.One-step makeup remover!

User-friendly design/Saturated with cleanser. Effectively dissolve all traces of makeup without damaging your skin. The formula is gentle to your skin. The plain towelettes is soft to skin.

Concentrated hydration formula/Keep moisture which is likely loosen while washing your face. Contain generous amount of selected moisturizing agents. This cleanser hydrates skin.,DOUBLE HYALURONIC ACID (moisturizing agent)/Hyaluronic acid forms a hydration layer on skin surface to keep moisture inside and acetyl hyaluronic acid goes deep into horny layer to hydrate. These two agents work together and give moisture to your skin.,Soluble collagen(moisturizing agent)/Fill horny layer with moisture for soft but firm skin!!
Prevent moisture in the skin from evaporation and keep it inside.,Natural aromatic oil/Be relaxed by the scent of natural aromatic oil. The mild scent of lavender picked in spring heals your mind as you remove makeup.

One-step,time saving design/Remove dirt, oil and makeup without rinsing in one easy step. No sticky feeling would be left after cleansing, but your skin will be hydrated and smooth. The newly designed lid allows you to pick a wipe smoothly and keeps the serum from vaporation. so you enjoy saturated wipes until all gone.

How to use,Luxurious and dreamy cleansing

STEP1 Press a wipe gently onto your face and let the cleanser dissolve makeup. The generous amount of cleansing liquid removes makeup.

STEP2 Don't scrub but slide a wipe gently on your face and makeup will be removed easily! No need to rinse off. It hydrates without greasy feeling.

Moisture Makeup Removing Sheet 50Pieces


Moisture Makeup Removing Sheet 50Pieces

Remove even heavy makeup quickly while hydrating skin.
The newly developed plastic lid holds the moisture inside and keeps the wipes saturated until you use the last one.
Wipes contain rich amount of lotion to remove makeup without damaging your skin.

Content(Size)/Number of Sheets 50 sheets/150×100mm
Country of Origin JAPAN
Scent Early spring lavender

Quality ingredients
Quality ingredients~development

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